What’s Next? (PT.2) : Choices.

“life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. The message: we are who we chose to be.”       –  Graham Brown


I agree with Graham Brown about the quote, because this is a universal truth that “We are who we chose to be”. Our decisions and choices which we made shape our future.

These choices we make are similar to the input we enter in a computer program. Where every different input gives you a different result or shapes a new result as you keep giving an input. Similarly, a choice or decision is like an input you are entering in the program of life. Every choice you make shapes a different future for you.

Maybe one day, while you and your friend were talking, he asks you wether you had ever gone abroad. Now your mind  decides wether to tell him the truth and admit you have never visited any other country, or you make a world full of lies and refuse to admit to him that you never went abroad as you know your friend has.

If you lie and make up stories of how awesome the “country you visited” was, he will believe it if you are good at lying but eventually when he finds out you don’t even have a passport, he will label you as a “dishonest friend”. And as always, people who are dishonest don’t have much friends.

But if you want to be Gandhi and tell him the truth, if he is a good person, he will change the topic and you can go on with life as good friends which may help you in the future. If he is not the good one, worst case scenario is that he will make fun of you, and you learn two things – first you should start travelling and you should get a new friend.

Now if you remember I mentioned that if you don’t lie to your friend and you dodge a bullet of losing him/her, it may even help you in the future. Now imagine, you and him turn out to be good friends, and you finally decide to travel abroad and luckily you both turn to be roomates. You are now roomies and unfortunatly you get into an accident and your family is 10000 miles away so what do you do? Answer is nothing. You don’t have to do anything excpet send a text to your friend and he will drop anything to help you to hospital. If you think about what you did 9 years ago by telling him the truth about your travelling status lead to him saving your life today. That’s why I just proved to you that there is no limit to what a simple choice can do.

People elder to you keep telling you to think before you do something, as they have experience which lead them where they are wether good or bad. This is the most important advice anyone could give you, and if followed life just turns to be twice as simpler and better eventually leading to you being happier.

Here are some quotes based on choices :

  • “life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”
  • “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of that choice.”
  • “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
  • “life is the sum of all your choices.”



I open my eyes,

I’m lying on a stream,

This is probably a dream

Filled with lies.

But this I don’t realize

Over my eyes’ self esteem.

Now I know this is a dream

Filled with evil lies.

Now I get up and see,

Money falling of a tree,

My body fills with joy

Cuz I’m just a boy.

Then I look behind me,

I see everyone I know

Saying me not go

To the wealthy tree

What kind of dream is this?

Then dilemma hits me

“Money or family?”

Now I’m falling into abyss

Thoughts begun to scream,

Money affects my morality

Cuz this is not reality

At least I’ll be rich in my dream.

I walk to tree

My family lost me.

I start showering in green

As if I’m high on caffeine

Suddenly everything goes to the air

I realize I’m losing this dream,

Where is my stream?

This is not fair.

I open my eyes,

I’m in my bed,

So many things were left unsaid,

I only saw lies.

There was no money,

This was not funny.

There was no streams,

That was only a dream.

I get myself together,

Go on with life

Within myself

There was only strife.

Therefore dreams

Are only streams

With deep and dark lies

Which we never realize.


What’s Next?(pt.1) : future and me

“The best way to predict your future is to create it!”

Abraham Lincoln

the future

The inevitable present. Some fear it, and some worship it. Buddha once said, ‘Anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.’

There are 2 visuals of the future, the pessimistic and optimistic view.

The optimistic view are the people who believe that the future has good outcomes and who have “Hope”.

What is “Hope” ?

Hope is the aftermath of a tragedy, where you believe something good and positive will occur in the future.

But Does This Actually Happen?

On the darker side of the moon, there’s Pessimism which is the belief of something malus or negative outcome in the future. But the people who believe this are the weak people In a tragedy, the people who can’t stand the pain and loss.

But like of optimism has hope, pessimism has “Despair”.

Despair is the absence of hope or is hope but in a negative way where after a tragedy occurs, people tend to think in a negative standard where all hope is lost. They are not able to overlook the dreads from the past which the optimist can do.

But I am different, I’m neither a pessimist or optimist as I just live through time. But I do wonder sometimes on how things may turn up.

According to me, the future is made by your actions thus every different actions you take lead to a different future.

For me, the people who study to predict the future either do it for fame or do it because they can’t handle the curiosity and excitement to what happens next. But sometimes people with a pure heart and soul do it for changing and saving lives for the greater good but they should know the future is in God’s hands and he won’t be polite if you steal it from him.

Thus I wait for the future to come to ME, I don’t expect anything from it so everything’s a surprise.

If I was a mosquito

If I was a mosquito

I did fly high in the sky

Freely above the humans I would fly

If I was a mosquito

I’d attack at night

As beings would would not bring up a fight

If I was a mosquito

I would travel far and above

So I would be away from man’s glove

If I was a mosquito

I would dance around the sunflower fields

And follow where my fate yields

We don’t like mosquitoes to be around

But they promised us they will be sound


What is life?

Is is the land of imagination and dreams or the silent barrens of practicality and  maturity?

Or is it a chessboard which leaves you puzzled on where and what you should move to or change and makes you change your plans constantly without any warning?

To me, life has 5 distinct parts.                                                                                                                                                                  Work, health, learning, sociality and spirituality.

        each of these can be regarded as the teachings and representation of god, these parts give us a different aspect and meaning that helps us organise our work and time.

life can be a mess if you can’t organise your time thus time flies quickly before you realise. our life is a very important and large element that we possess thus it has a price, to enjoy the pleasure of it, you first need to experience the pain. No happiness comes without a bill.

People say “life is full of up and downs”.

according to me, life is completely filled with grey barrens and sadness but it is up to us to work for our views to be bright and cheerful in dull times.





Still Waiting

I am waiting

for you to talk

and not be shy


I am waiting

for you to walk

and learn to fly

I am waiting

for the time to come

and feel the pleasure of joy

I am waiting

for the outcome

and raise my little boy


I am still waiting

for now you have been freed

to the land you can sleep



I will always wait

though you bleed

with a cut so deep

I will always be waiting

for us to meet

in another time

Now I will move

to my destined seat

which was your prime

Now that I have moved

I am in search

for the parrot that left

I will never stop

for to look in the church

for our bond was never bereft


There are very important things in our life, we forget to talk about. As they just provide unspeakable love and joy. They are essentials to our life and permanent in our hearts. They each have pieces of information about you and if they collide, everyone knows everything about you thus we keep them in a distance from each other. These people we have in our lives are called ‘FAMILY & FRIENDS’.

 FAMILY is the people that always have a place in their heart for you. And they know your original behaviour and share certain genes with you thus, knowing how you feel and react to situatuions they have also gone through. They support you in every step you take whether right or wrong. They provide the building blocks for your life.

FRIENDS are the people who make place for you in their hearts. They know you for your behaviour with them but the best friends like you for who you actually are. They go through out the journey of life with you by their side, you never feel lonely for doing something as they are next to you doing the same thing, you help each other and never forget the joy that this bond has created.

These 2 special people in your life care about you so you never feel alone.

You are sitting in a swing and the people pushing you back and fro are ‘Family and Friends’.   


What do we seek for

If there is no scope 

What do we do

If there is no hope


After a hard time

There is no son to shine


When you try to help

But you cut a finger

It ends in blood

And a little linger


When he hides his face

from the rest of the world

But is a disgrace

With his hair curled


The tears flow from

eye to chin

And finally lands on


Anger (sonnet)

Anger is the pain
Which has no gain
Anger is an irritation
Which has no limitation
Anger is always there.
But unseen, even if you pare.
Anger is unlimited
Even if unsolicited
If you are hard hearted,
To you, a danger,
But if soft,
It’s a complete stranger
Anger is what you feel
If you have made THE DEAL…

LIFE (sonnet)

A new life starts
After the creation of the heart
The first faces you see
In your head indeed it will be
Early will be easy
But later will be cheeky
Are you capable of the pressure
Or would live in embarrassed pleasure
Can you understand the meaning of life
And live without sinister strife
Would you live in a peaceful park
Or depart when they see your mark
This is life my dear soul
To live it whole is your goal.